Should the poor be poor?

Raju (name changed) 74 years old man struggles for his survival. Within a few hours of his birth, his mother died. Within two years his father married other women and separated Raju from his grandma, his only hope grandma too died when he was 10 years of age. Raju left

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Long-time dream, the Ambulance

The long-time dream has come to life for Snehan today. This was possible by our generous supporter Mrs Laliben V Patel and Mr Yogi Patel, who contributed to buy MARUTI OMNI Car for Snehan activities. Snehan is a social organization which works with neglected old & sick homeless adults in

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Sheeba Rani back with Snehan Project

Sheeba Rani Coordinator of Snehan Tailoring Project met with a major accident on 21st of November 2019 and had undergone multiple surgeries; today she has come back again to support us with her skills and guidance. Her team members welcomed her with flowers and gifts. All the team members had

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Rejection even after death to Duraisammy

Deeply sadden to know my dear friend uncle Mr.Duraisamy 77 years old, left this world on Wednesday 13-11-2019. He was Snehan beneficiary, where I went and reunited him with his family in kallakurichi three years back.  But, again he came back to street because of family pressers. He was working

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We work with the homeless, disabled, old and sick people who are living on the streets without employment and basic needs.





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