Snehan Drop-in Centre

“Snehan Drop-in Centre” is a project under Goodwill Mission Trust. The centre is located right behind the Pondicherry railway station. Our beneficiaries are looked down upon in the society and excluded in social gathering and public places because of their shabby look. Even though Pondicherry is a friendly place for the tourists who come from all over the world, the poor homeless people are the neglected ones in Pondicherry. After two years of practical experience in the fieldwork, we came to understand the necessary needs of the destitute people.

In a warm and friendly environment at Snehan drop-in centre, we welcome people living on the streets to avail our facilities and services free of cost 7 days a week from 6am to 6pm. We provide the following services.

Counselling: We would have qualified counsellor, who can listen and understand the circumstances and the needs of homeless people and guide them in the right direction for a better and happy life.

Legal support: The deprived people who live on the streets are blamed and threatened in many ways; they get picked up by police for thefts and crimes that they are not responsible for. They get jailed for even months for crimes that they have not committed.  We provide legal support for them.

Washroom: All the public toilets and bathrooms in Pondicherry are payable. For a person to use toilet and bathroom Rs.15/- ($. 0.25 cent) has to be paid per day. This is quite high for unemployed street person. Therefore, here at Snehan Drop-in Centre, our beneficiaries can use the washroom at free of cost. We will also provide personal care items such as toothpaste, soap and shampoo.

Medical Assistance: First aid and medical assistance would be given to the homeless people.  When they are sick, there is no one to take them to hospital or to give medical care and support. We provide basic medical assistance in the drop-in center and take them to hospital if they need further medical assistance. We have tie-up with a local private hospital to provide medical care for our beneficiaries.

Pathway to employment: We understand the employability skills and job readiness of each person and provide assistance to get jobs. We continue to mentor and monitor them after they get the job and help them get back to normal life.

Saving Accounts the little: They live in vulnerable conditions on street and they don’t have safe space to keep their money. We will provide basic financial literacy and promote saving habit. . We will help them to open accounts in post office where they can save whatever they earn on daily basis.

Family reunion: Everyone is someone’s somebody. Life on street means hunger, poverty, loneliness, sickness and rejection from society. We will understand the circumstances for separation of street dwellers from their families and help them reach out to their loved ones. We will help them reunite with their families, if they want to.

Social and Recreational space: Human beings are social beings, we all need time for recreation but the street dwellers live lonely life without any socialization and recreation, they are not accepted in public gathering due to their shabby look.  Here, they will have access to newspapers, magazines, indoor games and television. We will also conduct support group meetings and workshops on skill development, financial literacy, basic hygiene and health, drug and alcohol addiction etc where they get a chance to meet and socialize with others.

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