Our dream village – SNEHAN VILLAGE

Imagine the clean looking homeless grandpa opening the gate with a big smile to you; you are standing with astonishment, looking at the eco-friendly village called “Snehan village” with organic fruit garden, the colorful flowers around. An eco-friendly shelter home thatched with coconut leaves and has natural ventilation. You find grandmas plucking organic vegetables from garden for the meal, adults heading flock of goats and cows and feeding the country chicken. How would it be?

We are on the way to create an Eco-friendly / self-sufficient village called “Snehan village” for the homeless people in Pondicherry. For the start, the campus will be on a beautiful farmland of two acres with varieties of fruit trees. The shelter home shall have a thatched roof made of coconut leaves, which ensures natural ventilation. There will be beds, pillows and clean sheets to sleep comfortably and there will be colorful cupboards to keep their belongings. The home will have sanitation facilities, like toilets, bathrooms and washing facilities. For recreation, we offer indoor and outdoor games, television, and newspapers in a quiet reading room. The center will have professional counselors to talk to, where they can share their experiences and emotions. The home will have a medical room, where a trained nurse provides special medical care and support. Everyone will be encouraged and empowered to do some work which can contribute to a regular income and to their independence.

In the campus, grandpas and grandmas will grow different varieties of organic vegetable in a garden. Income generating activities organic farming would be practiced and trained to the beneficiaries. The main focus of Snehan is to empower, rehabilitate and, if possible, try family reunions. The old and sick will be accommodated in a separate wing. This wing is exclusively for those who are rejected by their families and need a permanent home. By the activities, we will motivating, encouraging, and showing acceptance and value to them as a human.

By your generous support, we can bring this village to life…

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