Snehan Home on Dinamalar Tamil newspaper

Dear friends, Snehan Home, completed its renovation work and inaugurated on the 9th of December 2023. We admit neglected sick & old grandpas at Snehan Home for rehabilitation, care and support. You are most welcome to refer and bring the abandoned ones from streets with simple letter from nearby police

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Silent suffering of elderly people in India

Loneliness is a common problem among elderly people in India, and it can have severe effects on their physical and mental health. In this article, we will discuss the primary causes of loneliness among the elderly in India, including poverty, old age related sickness, and family rejection. Poverty is one

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The unimagined distractions in India

“Do not be distressed, do not despond or give up in despair, if now and again practice falls short of precepts”. The Covid 19 pandemic, looking back as numbers of affected and dying have decreased, can be called more of a pandemic as all of the state’s and central governments

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World Environment Day

“World Environment Day” has been celebrated every year on 5 June, engaging governments, businesses, and citizens in an effort to address pressing environmental issues. For too long, we have been exploiting and destroying our planet’s ecosystems. Every three seconds, the world loses enough forest to cover a football pitch and over the

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Stealing from the homeless

Have you experienced, someone robbing your hard-earned money? And you know for sure, that is the only money that can feed you and your family for two days! If you were, how was your reaction towards that bobber? I am sure; many different answers would flow from all of you.

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We live because of farmers

What is easily available on our plate to eat, there is someone really working hard to produce it. Wherein every other product is being sold on MRP (Maximum Retail Price), farmers are still struggling to sell their products on MSP (Minimum Support Price), which is at-least guaranteed through APMCs. The

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We work with the homeless, disabled, old and sick people who are living on the streets without employment and basic needs.





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