In India millions of poor people suffer financial crises because of the Covid19 lockdown, this phenomenon left more than 85% of the Indian population to suffer hunger, poverty, and the absence of timely medical treatment for pre-existing illnesses. For example, a daily wage labourer from Kumbakonam district in Tamil Nadu, peddled the cycle with his cancer patient wife for 130 km to treat her at JIMPER hospital in Pondicherry. Like this family, many suffer in Pondicherry as well as in India.

In Pondicherry alone, hundreds of thousands of daily wage laborers lack provisions for their families and thousands of homeless people’s meals. For the government of Pondicherry to provide all of their needs would be hard but I really want to appreciate the good-hearted individual, NGO’s and donors who stretched their helping hands in providing rations, groceries, food packs and financial help to the neediest ones around.  This attitude of sharing saved many lives from starvation and death.  This shows the spirit of humanity and the character of God.