A 34 Year old Saravanan begging on the streets
Saravanan standing on the street to beg for his survival.

A 34 years old Saravanan reached Pondicherry 10 years back. He became an orphan after the death of his parents. He had one elder brother, but he too died in the road accident. The in beginning days, he knew no one in Pondicherry, so he started to collect trash on the streets to sell and survive. Later time, he got a job in the recyclable trash-collecting shoppe. Faithfully, he continued his work and lived with his earnings. One day after loading a small truck of trash, he accompanied the vehicle. Unfortunately, in one particular place the small truck over tuned. Saravanan fell and his head hit right on the stone became unconscious. After, 20 days he opened his eyes but could not see anything. Later, the nurse told him what had happed and how he reached the government hospital. Now, due to major head injuries, he lost complete vision in one eye and another just 5% present vision. Now he doesn’t have any employment or any support from his employer, he is struggling on the streets and living along with other beggars.  

After, knowing his pathetic condition Snehan NGO decided to help him in taking him to a private hospital to see the possibilities of getting back his eyesight.