Deeply sadden to know my dear friend uncle Mr.Duraisamy 77 years old, left this world on Wednesday 13-11-2019. He was Snehan beneficiary, where I went and reunited him with his family in kallakurichi three years back.  But, again he came back to street because of family pressers. He was working with Snehan for about one year, later he went back to street because of alcoholic addiction, which he could not overcome. Ten days back, Snehan staff came to know he is sick, the staff called his daughter for five days regularly to come and take him back home, but they were indifferent with Snehan staff. But nobody came to see him; he died on the street as a destitute as if he had no body in this world. Sad, own people ignored him because he had nothing with him. It pained me badly. Many tears… May his soul rest in peace.