I read a newspaper article today, which brings the truth of the lockdown effect in India especially in the marginalized community.

As the milk streamed down the lane, a desperately hungry homeless man tries to scoop up as much milk as he can on thar road and what adds to the misery is that he’s sharing the milk with a group of stray dogs. This incident took place not inside the village faraway of any state but in the capital city just 6 km away from the Taj Mahal in New Delhi.

Whole Indians is a lockdown in fear of saving their life, but still many homeless individuals ignored on streets as if they are less important. Our nation was so particular to protect the country and its people, which can be appreciated but at the same time, I do have questions about the survival of old and sick homeless people and physically handicapped people who are rejected by their own family. How can they be valued in society and how their lives can be lifted to a better standard?

For a man to lick the spilled milk on the street along with the dogs is not a simple act of survival or just a photograph but the country’s negligence towards the marginalized people. Hope after the lockdown, things would change for better.

Source: http://www.dailyaddaa.com/india-news/watch-the-plight-of-a-man-and-dogs-sharing-spilt-milk-amid-lockdown-in-agra-4911364.html