Mr. Murugesan 82 year’s old grandpa is destitute. He doesn’t have any of his family members to care for him.  He was rescued on the streets of Pondicherry near Government Hospital in an unstable condition. For one week, he was cared like newborn baby. Slowly he recovered his health back, amazingly with support he walks in the campus. He is going through constant pain due to crack in the upper left leg. When we approached GH doctors, they suggested us medical surgery, but due to his age and painful process, Mr.Murugesan himself was not willing.  Most of the time, he is resting and some time he watches old movies. To recover from this injury, it may take up to six months. Every four days, we take him to medical support; it’s a long and painful process. Hopping he will have peaceful sun setting years at Snehan Home.