The long-time dream has come to life for Snehan today. This was possible by our generous supporter Mrs Laliben V Patel and Mr Yogi Patel, who contributed to buy MARUTI OMNI Car for Snehan activities. Snehan is a social organization which works with neglected old & sick homeless adults in Pondicherry. We help the helpless grandmas and grandpas who live on the streets without anyone’s care & support suffering in pain and sickness. Such ones are rescued and given needed medical support in the hospitals, till they get well or pass to next life. For these activities, Snehan faced big challenges in transporting disabled & sick adults to the hospital. But now we can happily say this mountain struggle passed. With the help of Omni Car, our service will become easy and quick in saving lives. Once again thank you so much Mrs Laliben V Patel and Mr Yogi Patel for your love and contribution.