Mr. Subramani 77 year’s old thatha is from Mayiladuthurai. He is a widower, and has two sons, they are married. Subramani was a daily labour, who used to work and look after his living. Once he fell down and broke his hip, he was admitted to the hospital for medical surgery. Even with medical surgery & the treatment Mr.Subramani could not get up and walk due to old age.
His family could not look after him any longer. One day, they hired a car and took Mr.Subramani in the car saying they will take him to hospital in Pondicherry, at night the car stopped in the bus stand and pulled Mr. Subramani out of the car and vanished from the spot.
This old man didn’t know what to do and where to go; he was dragging himself around the bus stand for his food. The passerby saw the difficult condition of the old man and called the Police Station, the Orleanpet duty police called Mr.Anumuthu and handed over to Snehan Home for the residential care & support. At Snehan Home, he is well taken care of, getting regular medication, nutritious food, a comfortable place to live, and carrying people to show love.