Article about Anumuthu in Sakshi Telugu Newspaper

Happy to see short article about Snehan NGO and Anumuthu in one of the famous news channel in Hyderabad called Sakshi.  The article speaks about the Mr. Anumuthu and his humble work among homeless people in Puducherry. 0 Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Linkedin 0 Whatsapp 0 Email

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Stealing from the homeless

Have you experienced, someone robbing your hard-earned money? And you know for sure, that is the only money that can feed you and your family for two days! If you were, how was your reaction towards that bobber? I am sure; many different answers would flow from all of you.

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Should the poor be poor?

Raju (name changed) 74 years old man struggles for his survival. Within a few hours of his birth, his mother died. Within two years his father married other women and separated Raju from his grandma, his only hope grandma too died when he was 10 years of age. Raju left

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Training a woman is training a family

Helping and empowering the women’s community is always a vital activity of Snehan. A huge number of families in India live in separation, poverty, and unemployment because of alcohol addiction by men. The women who are completely dependent on their husbands for their survival and their kids are left in

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Don’t judge me by look…

Mr. Poopathi, a 60-year-old man got out of his family due to family conflict, he got two sons settled, married, and they got children. He is never wanted nor celebrated in the family; therefore he came out of his family, was living on the street as a homeless person. He

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We work with the homeless, disabled, old and sick people who are living on the streets without employment and basic needs.





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