Helping and empowering the women’s community is always a vital activity of Snehan. A huge number of families in India live in separation, poverty, and unemployment because of alcohol addiction by men. The women who are completely dependent on their husbands for their survival and their kids are left in wants for every little need. They don’t have a voice in the family, always overpowered and beaten by their husbands. Such kinds of women are selected and trained carefully in income generation activates such as tailoring, embroidery, and screen printing, the neediest ones are giving employment in Snehan income-generating activities, and others are left in independence to earn. Snehan is happy to proclaim that in-spite of great calamity and long lockdowns still, we managed to train 6 women, left them empowered in their family and in the society, especially two girls getting married with skills and self-confidence is great.