Neglected, sick and old people leave their homes and go in search of survival in the metro cities. Among them some become beggars, some waste collectors and some sit on the streets without asking any help from anyone. But all of these vulnerable people lack the basic need of shelter especially in the disaster movement. 

A man is unconscious laying in the graveyard due to sever cold and continual rain in Chennai.

Almost the last one-week torrent rain is pouring in many parts of South India. The worst affected areas are near the beaches and lowland areas. In 2015 sever rain hit Tamil Nadu especially the capital city which is Chennai. In that more than 500 people dead (listed ones) unlisted should be 5000, more than 1.8 lakh million people displaced and lost their belongings. Total calculated damages are 1 trillion USD. 

Now in the last one week south India is seeing continual rain falling. All the streets and roads of many cities are flooded. Have you ever thought about the homeless people sleeping on the streets? Where will they sleep in this kind of situation?. This kind of natural calamity claims more lives of homeless and destitute people especially old and sick in the streets . Metro cities in India are the survival place for many poor, old & sick people. We have home to sleep, any bad condition we can manage, but think of the disabled on the streets, blind on the streets. How can they go to a safe place in these kinds of conditions? The truth is many die and they are unaccounted.

A brave police woman saved a young man who was sleeping in the graveyard. Appreciation rising from social media. This person is lucky to get saved but, do you know many such helpless people die in unnoticed ways and pass this world without any trace?  For this kind of people, the government should take sufficient measures to save them and give them a joyful ending.  

Yes, our NGO wants to be part of this movement to save lives of the neglected and give joy of happy ending to the neglected people on the streets. Soon, we are going to start a home for the disabled and sick old destitute in Puducherry. Like minded people are welcome to serve and support.