Mr. Poopathi, a 60-year-old man got out of his family due to family conflict, he got two sons settled, married, and they got children. He is never wanted nor celebrated in the family; therefore he came out of his family, was living on the street as a homeless person. He started his carrier as a bus conductor in private travels for many years. In one accident he lost his left eye and his job too. This incident made him unwanted and he could not get jobs easily. He had no other choice than to depend on the generosity of the by-passers on the streets. He struggled hard to meet his basic needs, as especially nights are spend fearfully on the streets.  Three years a go, Snehan founder was distributing food on the streets; Poopathi approached him for one pack. Anumuthu looked at him and told him why don’t you go to work? For this food, packs are meant for old and sick persons on street. Then he looked at Anumuthu and said, everyone, thinks I am old and disabled, with this conversation he opened his heart’s cry Snehan. Now, last one-year Mr.Poopathi is working happily with Snehan, his life changed, his appearance changed, and he eats with his earning. At Snehan’s for income-generating activities, he is the main in-charge person. We can see him smiling always and ready to do any work at any time. Snehan is happy to include the neglected and bring meaning to their lives.