Have you experienced, someone robbing your hard-earned money? And you know for sure, that is the only money that can feed you and your family for two days! If you were, how was your reaction towards that bobber? I am sure; many different answers would flow from all of you.

an injured homeless man walking on the streets

In the year 2006, a team of us were at work collecting data on drug addicts around Hyderabad and in Secundrabad. My eyes fell on a person, who climbed on a fence and landed on the footpath. It was a summer mid-day, a beggar was napping under a tree on the footpath, this guy after jumping the fence, bent down put his hand on the pocket of the beggar took out all the money, and climbed back. This scene was seen by more than 3 dozen people but no one dared to question the thief or came forward to get that poor guy living. Do you know 99% of the homeless beggars face harassment, beatings, and looted every day by the local rowdies? My old beneficiary used to tell me that every day at night a team of boys would march about on the streets and wake him up for the money or cigarette, if they don’t give or even if they don’t have, these guys would beat this old man. Yes, this is the reality.

A 48 years old Murugan (name changed) was deserted by his family due to an extra-marital relationship by his wife.  He was depressed and ashamed to live in his village, reached Puducherry, he collects waste to make his living. He was sleeping in a particular street in the night, where a team of robbers came to robe his little, since he dint had more, he was beaten very badly; he was left with multiple injuries on the face and on the legs. Now he finds it difficult even to walk.  This kind of act not only happens to him but many around. How I wish, that we could give our voice to such kind.