These few words touched my heart, I don’t know theses words are said by Late Lata Mangeshkar or not but this words are true for every person on this earth.
Nothing in the world is more true than death.
The most valuable branded cars in my home garage. I’m spinning in a wheelchair.
Valuable clothes, valuable decorations, valuable types of foot protectors all precious things are lying in my house but I am wearing a small gown given by them in the hospital. I have a lot of money in my bank account but I have no use now.
My house looks like a palace but I’m in a small bed in the hospital. Five star hotels around the world are going to travel to all the test in the hospital and these test labs. Those who decorate the shrine daily, I don’t have any shingles on my head, I eat food in famous hotels, but I have two tablets during the day, and a pinch of salt at night …
The world is roaming in special jet flights. But today two attendants are helping to get to the hospital ward. No wealth or accommodation has helped me. No consolation in any way but some loved ones’ intimacy, affection, their prayers.. I’m getting a lot of life.
This is what life is all about… Don’t give value to those who have a position and money which cannot help anyone. Give value to those who have a good heart, show friendship, affection and love… ?
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