What is easily available on our plate to eat, there is someone really working hard to produce it. Wherein every other product is being sold on MRP (Maximum Retail Price), farmers are still struggling to sell their products on MSP (Minimum Support Price), which is at-least guaranteed through APMCs. The new Farm bills aren’t opening any new doors to the Farmers; rather they are creating opportunities and are more in favor of big corporate houses.

The time and energy our farmers spent to feed our nation is immense money can’t be replaced. If we are living healthy life means, it’s because of their effort.

Friends, Farmers have really worked hard in converting these mountains and plateaus to fields. If these bills are getting implemented, then in the next four or five years the APMCs will disappear, the Farmers will become labors in their own fields and later on, they will end up selling off their land for their livelihood.

We had already lost our EDUCATION Sector to private players, HEALTH Sector to private players, TELECOM sector, and many more to private players. Railways on the way…This is the same game against Farmers, please extend your minimum support to Farmers in strengthening their voice.