Sorry Saranya
As there was no toilet in the government office where she worked, Saranya, a disabled girl who went to the toilet of the nearest house, fell into the toilet tank and died!
Who is responsible for this? Who should give friendly environments? We should also talk about whether the toilets which are with the problem of not having toilets in government offices or the existing toilet setup are usable condition?

Only if we ask the women employees of that office, you will know their sufferings. Clean India is not only about posing and taking pictures like gathering in the streets but also the respective office officials should realize that it is necessary to maintain clean toilets and other places in their office.
More importantly, women working in the office should raise their voices together for such needs.

Kanchipuram-06 / December / 2020 / Sunday,

Saranya, the youngest daughter of milk merchant Shanmugam, who belongs to Kanchipuram Editor Nagar area, is a twenty-four-year-old disabled person, Selected in the Group Exam held two years ago and joined as Manager of Government Agricultural Expansion Center Warehouse, Kalakkattur area, Kanchipuram Taluk. The office where Saranya worked, had no toilet facility, she was struggling to go to the toilet. She has told her parents several times that she doesn’t want to go to work because she doesn’t have a toilet facility in her office. Saranya has gone to work without any other way after her parents insisted that she must go to work because of the government job. In the current situation of continuous rain, Saranya has gone to the house near the office to use a toilet, due to heavy rain and bad quality of construction, the tiles broke and fell into an eight-feet-deep septic tank and drowned in wastewater when she stepped on the open space of a septic tank which was not covered with a suitable lid. What an injustice that the government did to Saranya?

Since Snehan works closely with disabled old adults, we have seen and know their struggles.