A 70-year-old Sundaram (widower, the name changed), pushed out on the streets to live a lonely life.

Sundaram is a goldsmith; he used to work 14 hours a day to feed his only small family. In ten long years gap, he became a father for an only son. He loved his son so much that he worked hard to give his son the best. The boy was sent to English medium school along with other rich kids, a day came for his son to become independent with a good job and a beautiful wife. Within few months of his son’s marriage,  Sundaram was corned at home, by this time Sundaram drained his strength, not able to work anymore, and moreover, his eyes became dim. The new daughter-in-law could not accept him anymore at home. Conflict erupted within husband and wife, this made him uncomfortable for Sundaram, where he takes a challenging step to come out of the family and live on the street. Now, he lives on the street by means of charity from the public. Added to this he is an asthma patient.  Snehan is happy to reach out and support physically, mentally, and medically. Like Mr.Sundaram, many old people suffer due to family rejection. We Snehan wants and got a plan to open home for the neglected disabled old people, wherein their last stage of life can have a peaceful life and happy death with dignity.