Mr. Francis holding the bags that he was selling on the streets

Mr. Francis, who was a pillar & strength to Snehan NGO and me specially for the past 6 years, now  he departed so quickly to the eternity last Thursday. This was shocking news to me, I saw him around 7.15pm on Thursday near the church in the beach, on the same day at 9.30pm he is no more! I can’t believe that he is no more with me. Even though he used to live on the streets but yet he would look clean and decent.

Francis was a huge strength to me in income-generating activities, he was very trust worthy person, I can entrust any amount of money with him and do all my work without any fear. Not only that many times in our street activities we would pick up very sick, it would be so difficult to clean them but Francis would do it without any hesitation, he gave best of his care for many sick and dying homeless people in the hospital. Francis you would be remembered for your dedicated contribution in serving the neglected in Puducherry.  I totally miss him sooo much. RIP

Francis cleaning homeless and giving bath