70 Years old Mani grandpa is forsaken by his family members two weeks back on the streets of Pondicherry. He claims that he is from Kallakurichi, he is not married and doesn’t have a family of his own. He lived an independent life, his brother’s sons used to support him rarely.  For eight years he has suffered from a severe piles problem. Seldom had his brother’s sons take him to GH in Kallakurichi, since the treatment was not regular, he could not find healing. He struggles to sit or to do any kind of physical work. Because of his health condition, he won’t eat solid food but used to survive with liquid only. Since he was a thorn for his brother’s family, he was secretly brought to Pondicherry by his relatives and abandoned him.  We Snehan spotted him on the streets near the bus stand, struggling physically, the pile was 5 inches out of his body 5 inches with severe infection. On 1st of March 2024, through legal procedure, he was admitted to the GH in Pondicherry for the treatment. Now, Snehan Home is supporting him with caretaker and necessary needs. 

Destitute Mani thatha undergoing medical treatment in GH