Rajendran 60 year’s old man, was found sick for many days on the street. We received a call from Mr.Salim, he is a social worker who gives food for the neediest ones on the street. At the time of rescue the patient is completely bedridden. He claims that he is from Thanjavur; he is married and has two grownup children. He came out of his family twelve years back because of a fight, he never went back home to see his family. Snehan Home rescued him and admitted in Government Hospital with paid caretakers, after four days the patient was transferred to Government Chest Hospital because Mr.Rajendran was diagnosed with TB infection. Since one week the patient is going through treatment in the TB hospital, we have appointed paid caretakers with him 24/7. The hospital authorities mentioned to us that the treatment will be for 6 months but for the first two months the patient needs to be kept in isolation. Now, slowly Rajendran’s health is improving. For this patient we spent Rs.800/- (Caretakers remuneration per day). Would you support us to save his life? You’re most welcome to take-up even a single day’s expenses.