A 34 year old homeless Saravanan going through medical test at PIMS hospital.

Saravanan, met with a major head injury and lost left eyesight 100 percent and right sight only 5% vision. Now, he is so confused, worried thinking of his eyesight and his future. 

Today, Sehan NGO took Mr. Saravanan to PIMS hospital for better treatment. Dr. Peter is so kind to help Snehan beneficiaries in all the way possible. Even though continual rain was there, still Mr. Anumuthu managed to take him with organization Ambulance. Saravanan went through many careful tests in the hospital. After the test, the doctor said, that no treatment can bring his sight back. With this word, Saravanan’s voice changed, started crying, he was repeatedly saying same words thinking that doctors would do something to bring back his sight. This is unfortunate, all the nerves that connects brain to eye is damaged. Doctor also warned even the 5% of his vision may cut off in future. So, this is the permanent disability for Saravanan.

The doctor referred Mr. Saravanan for vocational therapy departments for a counselling. At present Saravanan is blind and can’t get any employment, Snehan is planning to train him in mobility training with other organization and create employment for him to live independently.