Income-generating activity is the main source of Snehan project.  Where, underprivileged family women are trained to produce eco-friendly traditional jhola bags. And the rehabilitated homeless thatha’s sell them on the streets and bring income to meet the running cost of the organization. These sales not only provide running cost but also the salary of the maker and the seller.

To sell our products on the streets, this tricycle plays very important role. Our Snehan beneficiary’s push them on the beach and on the streets with our jholna bags and sell them with an affordable price. We made this tricycle five years back, till now this precious vehicle supported our needs. This vehicle is needed maintenance & repair, we approached the mechanic but the quotation to repair was Rs.10000/- its bit much for us to spend. So we took it up and go it rejuvenated within Rs.4500/-. We are happy for the big saving.