Santhosh Kumar comes from Pudukkottai Tamil Nadu. Six years back he lost his mother in throat cancer. His mother’s death grieved in aloneness. His elder sister married got family of her own, since the property dispute Santhosh is not in contact with her. His father is photographer, running studio he is not in touch with him after the property dispute and death of his mother. One year back Santhosh met with accident and broke his leg, underwent surgery but still he is not fully recovered because no one to give him care & support. He came to Pondicherry for medication but because he doesn’t have caretakers with him, he could not get admitted in the hospital.

He was found begging in Pondicherry bus stand with broken legs and unable to walk. Both the legs were infected with pus formation. The Orleanpet police called and requested us to rescue and rehabilitation him on 29th of May 2024. After rescue he was taken to Hospital for medical treatment and now undergoing medication along with residential care & support at Snehan Home. Once he recovers, he will be reunited with his family members.