When you marry an irresponsible husband what happens to your life?

Family is a vital part of every person in this world. We all learn every good and every bad from our family and friends circle. Think about a person who grows in a less privileged family, where a father is an alcoholic addict, who doesn’t care wife, children but his only focuses is pleasure? Another side mother struggles to feed her hungry kids. Can you imagine the mind statues of a mother and her children? When these children grow, what would be their mindset or character?  In India, every 1 in 3 women goes through domestic violence according to a WHO study.

I know a lady, at the time of her marriage she came with big wealth to her husband’s home.  The happiness could not stay more than 3 months for this woman; little by little she could see the real color of her husband. He would not go to work but steal money from family to drink and spent it in lavish ways. The woman would go through hell, every night with her husband. Soon, she gave birth to a baby and the needs became even more; every wealth she brought from her parent’s home is washed in her husband’s alcohol. Poverty and hunger are breaking in her home, still, the unchangeable husband remains the same and never understands the reality. Every day the cry of a woman can be heard on the streets. Now, who can take the responsibility for this woman and her kids?

Like my beneficiaries, there are so many family women who suffer violence due to irresponsible husbands. Many committed suicides due to violent torcher and many brave women struggle to bring up their kids. For such women, Snehan gives counseling support along with income-generating skills and employment opportunities. Join us to bring value to the lives of marginalized women.