Lawrence (name changed) 42 years old man, married and got children… now he lives on the street without any family support.

He was a building contractor, he used to earn very good money, lived a happy life with family. All his relatives used to come to his house to enjoy their holidays and get financial help from him, but now they don’t want him and left him on the street because he became disabled.

One day at work he slipped down from the 1st floor and fell down to the ground floor injuring his back and losing the function of his legs. He lost the privilege of walking, became Immobile, bedridden and dependent on others for all his functional needs. He was taken to many hospitals for treatment. All the money that he had managed to save drained for the treatment. His family became impatient with him and gradually started rejecting him.

One day they took him to bus stand with few of his clothes and left him in the street alone. Lawrence says… I was deserted by my family at a time when I needed them the most. I have been living on the street without proper food, clothing and shelter. I have not taken bath for several months, my whole body stinks, and I hate myself. Every night several thousands of mosquitoes bite me, I am sick of myself. When I am sick nobody is there to take care of me and to take me to the hospital. Oh! What a lonely life I am living… I wish no one to suffer like me.

I don’t want to be a beggar, I do not seek any money or sympathy, but I want earn my daily bread by myself. I just want basic needs with care & support. I can’t walk but I can work with my hands, please give me a chance to live and get me out of here… This was the cry of Lawrence.