An optimistic person often has a positive outlook on life and their positivity can be infectious, uplifting those around them. It’s like a ripple effect; one positive attitude can lead to another, creating a more joyful and hopeful environment. Today I was happy to meet Mr.Mewis and Mrs.Vasanthi Mewis, and got so much positive energy. We had a long discussion about Snehan Home and how this social project is saving the neediest ones on the streets of Pondicherry.  In an hour of discussion, I gathered so much insight from Mr.Mewis, he gave tips on budgeting, proposal writing and the most interesting illustration about Bee Hummingbird. Once there was a wild fire in the amazon forest, the animals and birds ran for its safety. But one tiny Bee Hummingbird flew far and came back with a drop of water to sprinkle on the fire. By seeing this senseless action, all the other animals’ laugh and mocked this bird. With much politeness Bee Hummingbird said in response “I DO MY PART” wow.

As I was listening to this illustration, off the way I laughed by imagining the bird size and the amount of water it carried to put out the fire. But at the end, the bird was right by doing its part.

The main aim of Snehan Home is to save the lives of the abandoned destitute sick person from the streets. I do my part, by giving my energy, talent and time. You’re most welcome to do your part.