A 64 years old Mr. Cinthol Samuel was living a bachelor life because his family left him to be alone. In the beginning stage it was hard for him to live without the family but as the days went by he encouraged himself to be braved person to live a happy single life. During the day he would purchase snacks from the wholesale market and go around selling on the streets by foot. With his hard labor work, he earned decent money to live a happy independent life. Little by little, he started saving money with the shopkeeper; one fine day came where the shopkeeper cheated him completely.

The hard time

During Covid-19, he became unemployed for several months; poverty hit him hard, he could not pay rent for his little room again he is back on the streets with empty pockets.

Survival on the streets

He would sit under the tree along with other beggars for his survival. He would get two-time food and some coins for his expenses. In the initial stage, he would feel uncomfortable because all his life he worked for his bread. As the days passed by his eyesight became dull. He really struggled with his daily functional needs. During the night local boys would come and take the little that he has with him, if he refuses to give, these boys would beat him or break his head.

Good Samaritan’s support

Mr.Salim, a compassionate person, who comes every day to give him food decided to support him for Samuel’s eye operation, then met Snehan founder Mr. Anumuthu to help him for operation. Snehan staff had taken him to hospital got him operated, now he can see with one eye as before. Very special thanks to our Government Hospital Doctors for their life-saving work.