Mr.Senthil 75 years old, comes from Villupuram Dt. He is a bachelor; he doesn’t have a family of his own.  He was an independent man, worked hard for his food. He used to walk many miles in a day by selling snacks items house to house. Many individuals looted his little income with many flowery words. Now, he has nothing or anyone to care for him. Due to old age related sickness, he is not able to walk; he survives by the generosity of a few kind-hearted people.  Last 20 days he has been sick with fever, cold and joint pains, crippled at one place on the street. The well wisher Mr.Salim, admitted him at Snehan Home with NOC from Grand Bazaar Police Station on 26-1-2024.  After many days Mr.Senthil had a haircut, and hot water bath. At present he is able to take only liquid food only. Hope soon he will recover his health.