One of the most exciting studies in the entire lifetime of mine is nursing. with this study. I feel so amazed by looking at the creation of human beings, the cells, organs, bones, tissues and their functions, really wonderful, what a creation it is. I am sure this study will enlighten me and support me in all of my work in the coming years. I appreciate and thanks to Paul & Sabriye for their wonderful suggestion.

Anumuthu studying nursing to help the sick homeless in Puducherry

Helping the helpless is my passion and my call on this earth. The importance of health we would only understand, when we go through that painful situation. Once I was a care taker for my friend who lost one of his legs in the accident. He was treated in the government hospital; the ward was filled with different kinds of people with different health needs. One scene caught my attention, which is a woman feeding her husband who could not eat by himself. This mans both of his arm been amputated and bandaged been covered whole chest. Beside him were two little girls playing around. My thought process stopped and started thinking about them.

What could be the thought process of this man, wife and the children?

How many sick and old people been rejected by their own family members because they are sick? What a miserable life they go through as a neglected person on the streets? Without any ones care or to speak or to give medicine or to feed little food or cover them with blanket, what a wretched life that is.

The happy news is, we are getting ready to inaugurate Snehan Home for the neglected sick & old people in Puducherry. Our mission and activities would help many deprived people. This activities needs many hands to uplift, looking forward like-minded and kind-hearted to join with us through possible means.