The month of April is very special to Snehan NGO for a reason. For the past few years we keep this year as a month of sharing with each other. Our staff come together without any discrimination, and cooks some of their favourite food items to share with co-staffs. In this particular month we come together as a one family and give thanks to God almighty for his providence and protection for the whole year. Fourteen of our beloved staff gathered with laughter and love. The director Mr.Anumuthu shared his motivation on initiation of social activities in the year 2000. Also he emphasized the importance of helping the neediest ones in the society. Then we all looked at God with grateful heart and gave thanks for all the blessing. We had reason to celebrate the day as a family.

  1. Also this month marks 16th anniversary of our Goodwill Mission – Snehan organization.
  2. Marks 5 year of Snehan Tailoring Centre.
  3. Also for protecting Velankanni from the dangerous accidents.

After the thanks giving, we all had special lunch with laughter and ended with photography.

Group picture with big smiles on the face