Mrs. Velankanni, joined us as a student in our tailoring unit two years back. She went through quality training for six long months with decent remuneration. In the early days we noticed her as a slow learner but to our surprises she is outstanding student. She learns slowly but her outcome is pro. She is very dedicated and hardworking lady. She is very concerned about her husband who is a gardener, who earns so little and insufficient for the family needs. Therefore, she wanted to work at home to earn extra money to support her husband’s burden.  She was bold to express her interest and requested our director to support her in purchasing new industrial tailoring machine. With her contribution and the effort of our director, now her dream comes true. After her marriage she never worked anywhere almost for 15 long years. Many times she felt helpless and depressed for not able to support her family by any means. But now she is the regular staff at Snehan tailoring and getting decent monthly salary as well as earning extra money to by making extra bags at home. See the innocent smile with happiness, this is amazing.