On the 11th of March 2023, one of our lady tailor met with accident and her left arm bon broke in two pieces. She had sever scratches in both the legs. She was taken to nearby government hospital for the treatment. They have ruled out the solution and given operation date. But almost two weeks nothing was done, due to lack of doctors as well as high BP for the patient. After 15 days she was operated and after 22 days in the hospital she came home. After the operation her gingers lost the sense and not able to move them as before. We believe she will get well soon and to work with us. If she had any kind of accidental policy, she would have got it better treatment and not spending much money.

After this incident Snehan took an initiative to make accidental insurance policy for all the staff that is below 65 years of age. On the 6th April 2023, two staff member of Indian Post came to our organization and made the very essential insurance of TATA AIG accident policy, the premium is just 399/- per year. This policy has very appreciating benefits. The key points are attached in the image format.  We recommend this insurance policy to all the individuals who are 18-65 years of age. The premium is just one month tea expense. No one can know what would happen next movement, when something happens no one would come to support for all have their own needs. Don’t wait hurry to insurance your life.

Making digital Tata AIG insurance policy for our staff

Snehan Staff holding the policy with smile

Key features of Tata AIG accidental policy