One of the most sustainable activities for NGOs to continue their work is income-generating activities. Being a non-profit organization, we all depend on donors for every penny. Most of the time it’s not possible to raise money for every requirement. Even if we find a donor, they may not pay for that particular expense, which is very essential for the NGO to continue. In this situation what do we do? We either use personal money or brow from someone! Think of a social business, which can generate income for the organization that could meet the extra expense of your NGO and creates employment opportunities for your beneficiaries. 

Yes, Mr.Anumuthu, founder of Snehan reached kanthari, on September 5th to learn entrepreneur skills or Social Business Activities. In this 40 day-long course, he would learn the social business aspect in-depth, what products to produce? What are the needs? What is the budget? How to brand? How to market? What is the cost price? What is the selling price? And who much is the profit margin? It’s very clear after the completion of the course, he would come back with basic knowledge to start the planned and learned social business. 

Snehan takes the opportunity to thank kanthari for giving us the great opportunity in learning and empowering us for sustainable living.