Mr.Rajesh Kumar has lived on the streets of Pondicherry for 2 years. He is 67 years old, very sick and suffering without any help. About 15 days he had a fever and cold; he could not eat any food, and survived with water and tea only. His health deteriorated, he could not move and every natural need was done in one place. I received the information about this patient on 27th of December 2023, rushed to the spot; his condition was not stable, after sponge bath the patient was taken to the hospital in the emergency ward, after doctor’s examination he was admitted for various diagnoses. He was in critical condition for about 4 days; his sugar level was 461 which were quite high, his lungs had infection and swelling, the urinary bladder had infection with pus formation. After 8 days of quality medication, Mr.RajeshKumar is stable and alive. We appointed a caretaker, who was with him all through 24/7. Finally on 4th of December the patient is discharged from the hospital, and joins us at Snehan Home till he completely regains his health. As a Snehan team, we are so happy to save the life of Rajeshkumar.

After 20 days of care & support Rajeshkumar improved in his health. He gained weight of 3kg, his intake has improved lot. He is still under medication and rest. As a Snehan team we feel happy for saving his life on this New Year.