Mr.Murugesan 82 years old thatha is from Cuddalore. He is widower, the only son died long back. After the death of his wife and son, he became alone. No one to care about him and his needs. He used to beg on the streets for his survival, but he was not happy to be in Cuddalore. He came to Pondicherry only to beg and survive.
Two weeks back while walking on the streets, a lady in two wheeler knocked him down, never stopped the vehicle, nor came to help him. This incident crippled his mobility in one place. He could not get up; unbearable pain left him one place. He was deprived medical treatment because he did not have caretaker as well not self-reliant.
During our field visit, we met him and came to know his suffering condition. He was in desperate need for someone’s care & support. Snehan Home rescued him for residential care & support with the support of Grand Bazaar Police Station, now he is under medication and our caretaker gives him best of care.