Mr.Senthil 75 years old is admitted on 26-1-2024 at Snehan Home. He was sick on the streets for many days, when we received him at our centre, he was not able to neither walk nor eat anything. We understood that he can only take liquid food because he could not swallow any solid food. On 27th of Jan 2024 onwards, we took him to the government hospital, they did many tests and the result showed normal. But his condition has not improved at all. Again on 2 of Feb 2024, we took him to JIPMER in causality, after many tests in CT they found he had partial paralysis in the brain, this made his speech difficult and to swallow food. The doctor advised and said, this can’t be cured day by day he would lose his mobility and end. The only way to prolong his life is to put a feeding tube through nose. But for this the patient did not agree, he was very arrogant and started abusing all of us. Later he told us he has his brother’s sons at Villupuram, so he requested us to leave him at their house. On 3rd of Feb 2024 we took him in by the car and left him in their house. The contact details of his relatives are 9994743979 and 7904913564. His relatives also confessed that they looked after him for about two months.