Mr.Varadharajan 61 years old comes from Chidambaram. His parents died many years back and had one elder sister; she too died few years back. When he was 22 years old, he got married but his marriage lasted only few months. This incident drowned him in sadness, but recovered in later days. He was working as a daily labour and living independent life for many years. As the days passed by his health condition did not allow him to go for labour work. Then for a survival he used to go for a marriage function as a servant. This work fetched little income but not regular. Therefore this profession made him to come on the streets to live as a homeless man. He used to work when there was work, if not beg on the street for his survival.

Week back, he fell down and his shoulder dislocated with injury. Snehan Home rescued him and admitted in Snehan Home from the street. At present he is undergoing medical treatment for his shoulder through our support. Once he recovers back his health, he may plan to go back to his own profession.