It was a great joy for Snehan Home to see Mani thatha’s smiling face after many days. He was suffering from huge infected piles, wandering around the streets without anyone’s support. Furthermore, he did not eat for many days fearing a painful act during natural call. Luckily he was found by Snehan NGO, where they jumped in to support his medical and physical needs. Legally Mani thatha was rescued from the street and admitted in the Government Hospital for medical surgery. After watchful medical surgery and support, he was discharged from hospital and admitted in Snehan Home.

At Snehan Home, Mani thatha was treated with so much love with proper nutrition, medical support. Soon he regained his health, began to walk, and ate normal solid food. Since he had his own house to live in and was getting an old age pension from Tamil Nadu Government, Mani thatha decided to go back to his hometown. Our team of two went to his hometown Kallakurichi, with the support of the nearest police station; we found his house and rejoined him. We Snehan were happy to support him and take him back home to bring back his smile.

Getting treatment at Government Hospital Puducherry
With the support of Kallakurichi local police station Mani thatha is united