Mahesh 54 year old man from Chennai, collects waste from waste bins to survive on streets in Pondicherry. He was an auto driver and qualified welder who working for the family. His wife left him and two of her sons to live with another man 15 years back. He didn’t want to deprive his son’s basic needs; therefore he worked hard to give education. Now, both of them working, but they no longer want his father nor do they care about him. Mahesh became heartbroken with lonely life, therefore he left his family and ended up on street three years back. On Friday Snehan had an opportunity to talk and rehabilitate him from street and given opportunity to work to live better life. As of now his health condition is not so good. He lost his left eye sight completely few years back and the right only half vision. His legs are too weak, can’t walk nor stand properly, he always needs stick to walk. Soon, he will be sent for medical treatment.