Snehan was happy to host, founder of tharunam ( and kanthari graduate. He was on a visit to Pondicherry to collect seeds. We were glad to connect with him where he helped us to develop a project proposal, sustainability plan for Snehan and so on… He was with us for a week, where he helped us in the project proposal, drafting a sustainable plan for Snehan’s income-generating activities and many more.

Lingala Naresh_tharunam
Lingala Naresh

And the other hand we kanthari’s had a chance to meet PadmaShree Dr.T.Venkadapathy Reddiar, the founder of Lakshmi Narayana Crossandra Innovation Centre in Puducherry. We were so happy to meet a passionate traditional farmer, who had a deep desire in bringing changes in the farming sectors to generate more income. Even though he had to stopped his education in class 4 and assisted his parents in agricultural works at his young age, but yet he had an avid interest in science and dedicated his life to flower cultivation with natural technics. Since he believes that flowers play a vital role in the life of a human from birth to death. We had one hour talk, knowing his passion and his invention, gained impressive knowledge.

Lingala naresh with venkatapathy reddiar
Venkatapathy Reddiar in chair