Hunger is a good sign of sound health, not only to humans but even to animals. At the same time hunger is also the worst life-killing enemy for every creature on this earth. Snehan works with the homeless adults on the streets; we are exposed to see different kinds of people living on the streets, some live by three times food, some two times, and many one time and for some days none. Due to irregular nutrition, the homeless suffer malnourishment which leads to many other complications. Homeless in the villages suffer terrible poverty and die due to hunger more than in the city.

Snehan founder Mr.Anumuthu’s personal experience

After the death of my father, our family severely suffered in poverty. I still remember, in the year 1987, peak summer my mom didn’t have any work for about a week, our family condition is such where we get food only when my mom goes for work, if not only water. So you can imagine the intensity of our needs. During that week, my mom used to carry my three-year-old sister and me to the pre-kg government school, where I and my sister would get one spoon of rice each as a midday male. My mom would feed one spoon of rice to my sister and she would eagerly wait to see whether I would leave some for her. But the fact is, that food wouldn’t be enough for me. So these were the days of experience that I went through. Therefore, we Snehan really understand the needs of old, disabled, and sick people around and render our services.