A 75 year old Venkatraman is Snehan beneficiary, and works in the income generating activities with Snehan NGO. He is single and homeless, and lives on the streets. One year back he was rehabilitated and given employment opportunities in Snehan income-generating activities. At the age of 75, getting employment is highly impossible especially in Pondicherry. Our argument is that every person can be productive with their own abilities and strengths. We Snehan assessed what Venkatraman is capable of.  Now he is working and earning for his daily expenses without looking at someone’s hand. He was struggling with cataract in the eyes. This week we Snehan supported him for the eye surgery and medication in the GH, after the surgery he can see very clearly. He is very happy and would be more efficient in his work. Snehan is happy to bring smiles on the life of the deprived.