Fr Joe Arimpoor visited Snehan project along with Mr Bosco on 25th of October 2022. His visit was a blessing and motivational to Mr Anumuthu, founder and director of Snehan NGO. When Anumuthu’s mother became widow at young age, she could not afford to send him to school but to work in the field as a daily labourer. Poverty crippled Anumuthu’s childhood; he became miserable and looked out for a savior. Father Joe was that savior to give him his rights. At the age of 12 Anumuthu was adopted by Fr Joe to educate him and bring changes in his life. As stated Anumuthu became joyful child under the care of Fr Joe, he started going to regular school, had enough and more clothes, first time started wearing shoes, and had soaps, shampoos, toothbrush and pastes. All this basic needs became comfort to Anumuthu. All that he missed with his mother got back with Fr Joe. For Anumuthu Fr Joe means lot and everything. He loves him as his own father.  Having such a great person at Snehan is a blessing for Snehan NGO. Our staff’s where motivated to see such a noble man.