“Human life is so precious and highly impossible to add even a second more, by paying all of the wealth”.

A 55 years old homeless Rajendran collects waste material on the streets to resell them for his survival. He claims, he doesn’t have any relatives or family members to support him. He walks many miles on the streets to gather little material. At the end of the day, the maximum amount he would earn would be INR.150/-. He spends the entire amount for alcohol and cigarette. What a meaningless life it is for him?

Garbage with many broken glasses

One day, while collecting waste materials in the junk of garbage, a broken Liquor bottle slit his toe. The blood gushed out non-stop. He just took a waste clothe from garbage and rolled around his wound. The unbearable pain was quenched with liquor. After few days, he went to the government hospital for a treatment, but he was too late for the treatment and really no medication worked out. Within a week maggots started eating his wound and crippled his movement to one place. We can understand the end, who would come to support in such a worst condition? He should have given little care for his health too. Who is to be blamed for his life? I think himself, in later days no one could go near him because of bad smell from the rotten wound.

Homeless man with injured leg where maggots eating him little by little

Like Rajendran many people die before their time on the streets. Therefore Snehan plans to start a mobile clinic for the homeless people, where qualified nurse with basic medicine go around to treat such a patients.