Hama holding Snehan Bags with big smile

Snehan always believes that empowering a person to be self-reliance is better and sustainable. We are closely working with homeless people and marginalized women in the community. For the long run they all need means to survive in dignity, for that we run a programe called livelihood activities according to their abilities. For a woman we impart easy hand skills like tailoring, embroidery and screen printing. These skills enables them to make beautiful eco-friendly cotton items such as traditional jhola bags, tote bags, kitchen apron, kitchen towels and others. These products are given to willing unemployed homeless adults to sell in the tourist spots and in the market areas. This simple act generates income for the unemployed homeless, employment for women and support for the organization to meet the basic needs.

Hama holding Snehan Bags in the Auroville new shop with Anumuthu

Today we have started new shop in the Auroville area. This is our first customer who bought our products with big smile on her face. She is Hama, very found of our simple bag for the daily use.  And moreover our bags are in affordable price range to every person.

Friends our bags eco-friendly, affordable in price and your purchase bring smiles on many deprived individuals.